AAVE — Weekly APY for each pool

2 min readNov 3, 2021

In this article will discuss about what is roi for LP-ers on thorchain, both by pool and total. All the data come from Flipside Crypto.

Talking about the Return of Investment for each liquidity providers on THORChain, firstly, let’s look at the overall total ROI:

The orange bar chart is the total return and the green bar chart is the rune depth

To calculate the ROI, we need to use the total return / rune depth, and get the chart as following:

The top chart is the ROI calculated by total return / rune depth

To forecast and make a prediction, here is the thing I ran for the forecast analysis: The red line chart shows the potential predicted value for the ROI, it remains securely stable at around 50% level, however, when looking at the bar chart, the data looks not so statistical significant, things tend to be more diverse.

Next, look at the ROI per pool, here is the results as the following. Quick conclusion from that is although the ROI per pool is not much, but it remains at around 35% ROI level and there are 5–10 pools have more than 20% ROI.




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