Terra — [Galactic Punks] GP holders activities analysis


Firstly, let’s define who are the holders, the detailed analysis for the GP holders can be found in the last article: Terra — [Galactic Punks] Traders & Collectors Analysis. We know that for the current state, there are 3,508 unique GP holder addresses and the average GP they hold is 2.158 and maximal GPs the address hold is 31. Plot looks like as the following:

Where the punks at?

Getting the information about the GP holders address, then the next things would be not so hard, the things we are going to analyze can be classified to either staking or NFT activities


After joining the GP holders addresses with the staking tables together, what we found is that among the 3,508 unique addresses, there are 1,540 addresses have the staking activities.

The bar chart for the GP holders other staking activities, color code is in the code panel

From the above chart, we can find that the GP holders also did many staking, such as the Orion.Money, they have delegated around 6M and just small amount of undelegate.

This is actually an interesting sign, as it shows that the GP holders are experienced players already, it would be interesting to do further analysis about the new onboarding users.


Final question would be the other NFTs, for the current active GP holders, are they also collecting the other NFTs? Let’s search about that.

From the below chart, we can know that apart from Galactic Punks, there are 27 NFTs these GP holders also dealt with and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th NFT projects are: SpaceLoot NFT, LunaBulls NFT and Terrapins NFT

Bar chart shows the other NFTs (including the Galactic Punks), the y-axis is the number of transactions

Furthermore, let’s look at how many tokens they hold in each NFT projects, the chart can be shown as a bubble chart:

Quick conclusion here is that Galactic Punks overall is the top NFT projects GP holders are playing (For sure), but interesting thing is that they also did a lot of other NFT projects, the activity amount is even larger than Galactic Punk. Compare them in one chart, the other NFTs have even more activities to Galactic Punks, remember that even is under the GP holders!

Comparison between the transaction activities in Galactic Punk and other NFT projects, size is the number of transactions

Thanks Flipside Crypto for providing the data.



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