Terra — How the Airdrop impact the token price

In this article, I am going to analyze the problem that how the airdrop impacts the token price, all the data, tool come from Flipside Crypto.

Airdrop is a way in Terra ecosystem to distribute the tokens to addresses, it is a special way in Terra.

To analyze how the airdrop impact the token price, let’s firstly look at the Daily Airdrop claimed amount in Mirror. The Mirror contract address for Airdrop is: terra1kalp2knjm4cs3f59ukr4hdhuuncp648eqrgshw

From the above chart, we can find that in the first several months, there were many airdrops tokens get claimed and then the trends converged to normal.

Then, focus on the Mirror price, pulled a chart below to show the Mirror price:

Now, to compare them together, put them together and view it in one chart.

The conclusion is:

  • During the first several weeks, there were tons of airdrop claimed, but it doesn’t impact the price much
  • With time went by, although the airdrop volume drops, but it was getting more and more stable, and it has more impact to the price, the impact is positive correlated, which means when there was a day with huge airdrop, then the price tends to go high

The data, tool come from Flipside Crypto. Queries and charts can be found here.

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