THORChain — Daily Reward Distribution

2 min readOct 26, 2021

THORChain! Powerful name, cross-chain transactions, sounds amazing! So, what is going on with THORChain and their daily reward distribution? What is the basic thing for THORChain and the brief introduction? Let’s dive into that. All the data come from Flipside Crypto.


THORChain is a decentalized liquidity protocol, it is using yield as the incentive to help different users in different blockchains to swap and cross-chain transactions. So, in THORChain, the most important thing we need to remember is the pools, and the yields, as they are the behind horsepower and fields for this amazing protocol.

The native token in THORChain is RUNE, in the following article, the unit is in RUNE or RUNE in USD.

This article will briefly analyze the Daily Reward Distribution as the introduction to the THORChain world. ⚡️

Daily Reward Distribution

The daily rewards in THORChain means the total daily rewards distributed to all the nodes and liquidity providers, we can query the data from Flipside Crypto and see that in the following charts.

We can see that before middle of July the daily rewards distribution is pretty like a ladder distribution, which means every 20 days, the daily distribution reward amount will increase for the next level and then tend to be stable. The change is July/20th to Aug/10th, there is missing data issue there, which is due to the system down in Thorchain, after the system recovered, the total daily reward distribution came back to the normal level, which is around $20K. Then the other interesting thing is recent several days, the daily reward distributed decreases a little bit, but it is not a huge drop, so the potential reason is for little adjustment.

The bar chart is the total daily reward distribution, amount is in USD

The other chart might be interesting is the liquidity fee, on one day, the fee increased huge, which in the same time the daily reward at the bottom level compared to the nearby days.

The bar chart is the total daily liquidity fee distribution

Thanks Flipside Crypto for providing the data and tool.




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