THORChain — Swapping metrics

2 min readOct 27, 2021


This time, let’s talk about some straightforward, not many brain-teaser things, just some simple number and metrics about the swapping, easy, right? All the data come from Flipside Crypto.

In this article, will focus on the swapping activities, as there is no need to introduce swap, assuming everyone knows about it, this article will show the number of swaps as well as the unique number of swappers.

Number of swaps

In the below chart we can find the total swap number

The total number of swaps since the launch of THORChain
Today swap number

The left chart shows the today’s swap number, which is 8,171.

Once we break it down to different pools, the chart looks like the following:

Unique number of swappers

Here, the definition is that the number of swappers is the combination of the from_address and to_address and take the unique value from that and plot them in the time series chart:

Overall unique swappers address, Sep/28th is a peak day

Today’s unique number of swappers is 460.

Today’s unique swappers address, Sep/28th is a peak day

Breaking it down to different pool, the chart looks like the following:

Thanks Flipside Crypto for providing the data.




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